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[Summer Program CFP] Direct an NEH Summer Seminar or Institute

Apply to Direct an NEH Summer Seminar or Institute

Summer Seminars and Institutes are 1- to 4-week residential programs for either K-12 educators OR higher education faculty. They support collegial study of significant topics in the humanities and make use of important scholarship and primary resources such as documents, artifacts, or historic sites. Typically, participants develop a project that translates the topic of study into their classroom teaching and/or scholarship.

Deadlines for Projects in Summer 2021

Optional Draft due February 12, 2020

Final Application due March 3, 2020

If you require live captions for this webinar, please click the link below and live captions will appear in your browser window.

Closed Captions


Why direct an NEH summer program?

Enhance your teaching

“I found that working with those who were primarily teachers

introduced me to different teaching techniques and new developments.”

Deepen your knowledge

It intellectually refreshed me and compelled me to be

aware of the state-of-the-art scholarship in my field.”

Broaden your impact

“Thanks to the publicity generated by the Institute, I have been invited to

give talks to teachers nationwide on rethinking their US history curriculum.”

Make a difference

Build communities of inquiry and contribute to the intellectual vitality of

participants by providing models of excellent teaching and scholarship to

help broaden and deepen participants’ understanding of the humanities


Direct a Project for

K-12 educators

Higher education faculty

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