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[CFP] Ancient World Graduate Workshop Series (AWGWS)

CALLS FOR PAPERS: Ancient World Graduate Workshop Series (AWGWS), June
29th, 2021

The New York University Society for Ancient Studies (SAS) and the
Institute for the Study of the Ancient World Student Council (ISAW-SC)
are delighted to announce a joint initiative aimed at connecting
graduate students working on topics in or relevant to the ancient
world through a new Ancient World Graduate Workshop Series (AWGWS).
Faced with restrictions that would have seemed unfathomable in bygone
years, a unique challenge that graduate students in the age of Covid
face involves finding new ways to maintain what is arguably one of the
hallmarks of higher education: an active and engaging graduate
community. Now more than ever is the time to find proactive ways of
connecting with each other.

The AWGWS aims to do just this. The series will offer graduate
students an opportunity to present their work in an informal virtual
setting (via Zoom) and benefit from peer discussion and feedback.
Faculty, postdocs, and undergraduates are welcome to tune in and join
the discussion, though presentations will be reserved for graduate
students (MA or PhD).

Summer Session Call for Papers: Tues. June 29th, 5:00pm EST
Submission deadline: Tues. June 8th, 2021.

We are looking for graduate students of the ancient world who are
excited about an aspect of their current research and would be willing
to share it with their fellow students via Zoom. Preparing for an
upcoming conference? Need to practice your online presentation skills?
Struggling with a difficult chapter in your dissertation? This series
is for you. The presentations should aim to be no more than 20 minutes
followed by a 10 minute discussion (polished Powerpoint presentations
are welcome but not required, though we recommend some form of visual
content). The setting will be informal and accompanied by a virtual
happy hour. Abstracts can be submitted here: