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B'nai Binge Streaming Programming List for November 30 by Laurie Baron

All Times Are Eastern Standard Time

Tuesday, November 30

9 am
Reclaiming Identity: Jews of Arab Lands and Iran Share Stories of Identity, Struggle, and Redemption, American Sephardi Federation,

12 pm
Hani Furstenberg and Liad Shoham, “Behind the Scenes of Israeli Hit Show Asylum City," MomentLive and ChaiFlicks,

1 pm
Jeffrey Veidlinger and Steven Zipperstein, “In the Midst of Civilized Europe: The Pogroms of 1918-1921 and the Onset of the Holocaust,” YIVO and Center for Jewish History,

1 pm
Carolyn Sanzenbach and Chad McDonald. “James Parkes: The Unknown and Little Known Legacy,” James Parkes Institute, University of Southampton,

1 pm
Thomas Römer, “The Mysteries of the Art of the Covenant,” Institute of Jewish Studies, University College London,

1 pm
Yael Weinstein, “From Judeans to Jews,” My Jewish Learning,

1:30 pm
Judith Cohen, “Sefarad: Music of the Jews of Spain, Portugal, and Their Diaspora,” Qesher,

2 pm
Amalia Haas, “Honeybees and Torah,” Valley Beit Midrash,

5 pm
Eric Silverman, “Jewish Dress and Cultural History: What You Can Learn from Grandma’s Photos,” Center for Jewish History,

5 pm
Dara Horn, “People Love Dead Jews,” Center for Jewish Studies, University of Florida,

5 pm
Lydia Medwin, “A New Reading of Hannukah: Text Study for the Holiday,” American Jewish University,

6:30 pm
Gary Rendsburg, “Jewish Life in the Middle Ages: In the Shadow of Islam and Christendom,” Smithsonian Associates,

7 pm
Jordanna Gessler and Christie Jovanovic, “Helga Blumenfeld’s Hidden Artifacts,” Holocaust Museum LA,

7:30 pm
Tamar Manasseh, Bradley Rothschild, and Ashley Walters, “They Ain’t Ready for Me,” Charleston Jewish Filmfest,

9 pm
Brian Goodman, Natalie Lozinski-Veach, Claudia Sadowski-Smith, “Poetry and Prose after Auschwitz,” Jewish Studies, Arizona State University,

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