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Continuing Workshop on University Teaching of Hebrew Language

Planning Lessons in a Changing Classroom: How to Maximize Teaching Efficacy in Different Situations 

Continuing Workshop on University Teaching of Hebrew Language

Jerusalem, July 31- August 4, 2022 / 3-7 Av 5782

Workshop Director:  Dr. Tania Notarius (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem;

Polis - the Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities)

The International Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization is pleased to announce that we are renewing our activity, and the Continuing Workshop on University Teaching of Hebrew Language is now accepting applications for this year’s session.  The workshop will take place on July 31– August 4, 2022 / 3–7 Av 5781 in Jerusalem (with the possibility of hybrid participation). The workshop will focus on Planning Lessons in a Changing Classroom: How to Maximize Teaching Efficacy in Different Situations.

The International Center's workshops on University Teaching of Hebrew are designed to suit the interests of instructors of Hebrew as a foreign language in colleges and universities and to provide necessary theoretical knowledge and practical tools. The workshop includes lectures, practicums, and discussions.

The field of Second Language Acquisition in our time, marked by the pandemic and other global challenges, faces hurdles in arriving at new audiences via innovative teaching methods. The good old times of a traditional classroom lesson with a board and a book have passed away from us. Nowadays the teacher needs to be ready to teach offline in a physical class, online in a virtual class, or to mix both modes in a hybrid classroom, combining printed and digital materials, applications, sites, and other informational sources, with a goal to impart to students the necessary language acquisition skills of speaking, reading, comprehension, and writing. A sufficient level of flexibility is required to dynamically adjust to such changing conditions in a class, and to choose appropriate ways of instruction. This year at the Workshop on University Teaching of Hebrew Language, we will talk about the techniques of preparing a lesson plan in accordance with changing classroom conditions: selecting materials in the most efficient way, patterning exercises, and creating communicative modes, and reaching out to all lesson participants, aiming at maximum learning impact.

The workshop is conducted in cooperation with the Division of Hebrew Language Instruction at the Rothberg International School for Overseas Students and with the Academy of the Hebrew Language. Workshop participants will have an opportunity to observe classes conducted by Division teachers and to hold joint discussions on concrete issues related to Hebrew teaching.

Lecturers who are interested in presenting at the workshop, please contact Dr. Tanya Notarius via Center's e-mail below. In addition, all participants accepted to the workshop and interested in taking an active part in it, are invited to submit a proposal in order to present the fruits of their work in the field.

General information:

  • Participation is limited to a small number of university teachers of Hebrew, selected from applicants from all over the world.
  • Participation fee is $350 for on-campus participation and $ 275 for virtual participants.
  • The workshop will be conducted in Hebrew.
  • The costs of accommodation, board, and travel to and from Israel are the responsibility of participants or their sponsoring institutions.
  • The program of the workshop will be published soon.

Interested applicants should submit a CV by e-mail to Ms. Masha Kitaichyk (administrative coordinator of the Center):

Contact Info: 

 Ms. Masha Kitaichyk (administrative coordinator of the Center):