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Call for Proposals to Coedit AJS Perspectives

May 25, 2022, 20:50 PM by Karin Kugel

AJS Perspectives, a leading publication in Jewish Studies capturing the range of research, pedagogical, and professional concerns that occupy the field, invites proposals for new coeditors. Applicants can apply either in pairs or individually.

The new team will begin a four-year term starting in late summer 2022. They will shadow the current editors for one issue, on which they will serve as associate editors, and then serve as co-editors for the subsequent seven issues. Karin Kugel will continue to serve as Managing Editor.

Coediting AJS Perspectives affords an opportunity to explore, curate, and shape everything that makes Jewish Studies rich and innovative. Each issue contains a series of research, pedagogy, and “the profession” essays structured around a single theme. Recent themes have included “ The Travel Issue,” “ The Unfinished Issue,” and “ The Art Issue.” Each issue of AJS Perspectives brings together a diverse range of scholars across fields, rank, time periods, and approaches.

Recognizing the breadth and diversity of the AJS, we are soliciting proposals from our AJS membership. (Current Jewish Studies scholars who are not yet AJS members are invited to become members at the time of proposal submission.) AJS Perspectives relies on coeditor partners who, together with the members of the AJS Perspectives editorial board, pursue diverse arenas of interest.

We seek editors committed to innovative approaches and public-facing scholarship, and who can network among established and less-represented groups of scholars to represent the breadth of what Jewish Studies is and can be, and who are skilled at shepherding a piece from submission to completion, including helping edit for style, clarity, and accessibility. Editors also work alongside the production team to give feedback on copy editing and layout, partner with the associate art editor to solicit original art images, and liaise with the Roundtables associate editor and Teaching with Film column associate editor.

These positions fall under the general category of service to the profession and are unpaid positions. 

Proposals from prospective coeditors should include:

(a) a short statement of your editorial vision. If applying as a pair, the statement should include a brief analysis of the strengths of your particular professional partnership;

(b) a submission of two sample “Calls for Submission” issue themes (please consult existing Calls for Submission to see the scope: The Travel Issue CFP, The Art Issue CFP);

c) a discussion of your strengths and experiences as an editor, including your ability to help others clarify language, argument and message; 

(d) a copy of your curriculum vitae; and

(e) acknowledgement that you are in good standing as a member of the Association for Jewish Studies.

Please send proposals by June 30th to and with "Coeditor Proposal" in the email subject line.

Proposals should be Word or PDF files. You will receive a confirmation via email upon receipt of the full proposal. For further questions, please contact AJS Perspectives Coeditors Chaya Halberstam ( or Mira Sucharov (, or Joel Berkowitz (, Vice President for Publications.