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Message from the President

Announcing the launch of the AJS Sexual Misconduct Procedures and AJS Sexual Misconduct Webpages

I am pleased to announce the inauguration of the AJS’s procedures for handling complaints of sexual misconduct, in time for the 2019 annual conference in San Diego. I am also pleased to announce the launch of a new section of the AJS website dedicated to the topic of sexual misconduct.

The roll-out of the procedures and the launch of the website are a proud moment and a double achievement that marks the culmination of the work of the AJS Sexual Misconduct Task Force appointed in December 2017. I thank the Chair, Laura Levitt, and members of the Sexual Misconduct Task Force for their dedication and hard work, and I welcome the members of the newly constituted Committee on Sexual Misconduct who will be responsible for the ongoing implementation of the procedures.

I invite all AJS members to visit the website in order to learn more about the issue of sexual misconduct in academia and Jewish Studies, and in order to acquaint themselves with the range of reporting and resolution options available within the AJS.

Christine Hayes
Yale University

FAQs on the New AJS Sexual Misconduct Procedures

What does the new Committee on Sexual Misconduct do?
What is a reporting member?
What is the role of the Ombuds team members?
What are the resolution options available within the AJS?
What’s the difference between an informal and a formal complaint?
What do I do if I am considering reporting an incident?
How do I contact an Ombuds Team member?
Will I be able to speak with a reporting member at the annual conference?
If I speak with someone about an incident will I have to file an official complaint?
If I file a complaint, will I be forced to adopt a specific resolution procedure?
If I report an incident or pursue a resolution procedure, will the respondent (the person who is the subject of the complaint) be notified?
What about confidentiality?
Is there a limitation period for reporting an incident?
If a complaint is made against me, how will I know and what can I expect?
Is filing a complaint with the AJS the same as filing a Title IX complaint?
Where can I learn more about sexual misconduct and the best way to help eliminate it?
How were the AJS sexual misconduct procedures arrived at?