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AJS Arts and Culture Community Grants


The Association for Jewish Studies is pleased to again offer matching grants of $5,000 (community sponsors would contribute $2,500 for a total of $7,500) to support public programming during the 2022 – 2023 academic year. These grants will enable local communities to present projects that combine cultural programming with a scholarly component. There is no one program for which we are looking. It may be a concert interwoven with a panel discussion or a theater presentation with accompanying workshops. The AJS is open to all proposals for public programming that combine cultural and scholarly components. The goal for these grants is to stimulate Jewish Studies programming growth in communities throughout the United States.

Deadline: January 14, 2022


  • Lead applicant must be a current member of the AJS

  • Organization or department must engage Jewish Studies scholarship and/or scholars in a meaningful way

  • The proposed program must have an arts and cultural component

  • The organization or department must work with at least two presenting partners in the community, including at least one partner which traditionally serves a non-Jewish community

  • The applicants aim to engage at least 200 people (marketing plan required)

  • The proposed program must utilize a format that is interactive, participatory, and engaging

  • The program can be a single event, a series of events, or a festival

  • The program should emphasize innovative, creative, out-of-the-box projects

Application Instructions

The Association for Jewish Studies invites preliminary proposals from interested applicants. The first round of the application process requires:

1. A 750–1,000 word description of the proposed program, including an explanation of both its scholarly and arts & culture content, the names of proposed presenters, the intended audience, and the significance of the program to the field of Jewish Studies

2. A budget that details the cost of presenters’ honoraria, space rentals, marketing, etc.

3. A brief description of at least two community partners who will co-sponsor the event

4. A description of your organization or center, including a discussion of recent past programs and a brief explanation for how the proposed program advances your organization's or center's mission.

A select number of applicants will be invited to submit additional materials.