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AJS Distinguished Lectureship Program

The AJS Distinguished Lectureship Program connects you with distinguished lecturers in the field of Jewish Studies. Enrich your next program with one of over 300 lectures, which cover the breadth of Jewish history, religion, politics, and culture.

How does the Distinguished Lectureship Program Work?

Each scholar gives one lecture per year for the Lectureship Program and donates the lecture fee to the AJS. Sponsors of a lecture provided by the AJS Distinguished Lectureship Program pay the lecture fee directly to AJS and cover the lecturer’s travel and lodging expenses. The fee covers a 90-120 minute presentation, which includes a question and answer session. Any further requests made of the speaker (e.g. for class visits, other talks, etc.) should be covered by an additional honorarium paid directly by the host institution to the speaker and will be theirs to keep.

Many speakers are booked a year or more in advance, so in order to engage the Lecturer you want, please contact as far in advance as you are able.

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Travel Subsidies

Host institutions can receive up to $750 in travel subsidy to bring a speaker to their community! Subsidy can cover both transportation and lodging. Subsidies are not applicable toward honorarium costs. Preference will be given to organizations hosting for the first time, but all organizations can apply. For more information, please contact

Travel subsidies are made possible by funding from Jordan Schnitzer and Arlene Schnitzer through the Harold & Arlene Schnitzer Family Fund of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation.


Persons and institutions participating in the AJS Distinguished Lecture Program are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the AJS Statement of Core Values, which includes a commitment to academic and intellectual freedom.*

*Academic and Intellectual Freedom
The AJS values academic and intellectual freedom ensuring freedom of teaching, research and extramural activities, and reaffirms its 1976 endorsement of the AAUP’s Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure. The AJS is committed to the development and strengthening of an institutional and public culture that encourages diverse views, and supports its members’ right to articulate beliefs and positions without fear of retribution.