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AJS Women's Caucus

Call for Nominations

Deadline: January 31, 2021

The AJS Women's Caucus Board is seeking nominations for three new board members. Nominees must be members in good standing of the AJS Women's Caucus, and self-nominations are welcome. Nominations should be accompanied by a brief (one or two sentence) note indicating interest. Please submit nominations via email to

Women’s Caucus News

This year the AJS Women's Caucus is focusing on gender equity in publishing and research. To help draw your attention to this issue, we are sharing a number of recent online pieces, including a series published by Feminist Studies in Religion on “manels,” “manthologies,” and the failure to include women scholars in academic ventures. Many of these pieces have been written by women in Jewish Studies.

See the recent series by Michal Raucher for Feminist Studies in Religion:

Mara Benjamin “On the Uses of Academic Privilege (@theTable 'Manthologies)"
Feminist Studies in Religion 27 May, 2019  

Michal Raucher “Even the Allies Are Misogynist (@theTable: 'Manthologies')
Feminist Studies in Religion May 28, 2019

Alison Joseph “It’s Not that Easy: On the Challenges Facing an Editor”
Feminist Studies in Religion May 29, 2019

Sarah Imhoff “404 Women Not Found Error"
Feminist Studies in Religion May 30, 2019

Kecia Ali “No Manthology Is an Island” 
Feminist Studies in Religion June 4, 2019

Susanna Heschel “Women in Jewish Studies: Conversations from the Periphery” 
Feminist Studies in Religion May 31, 2019

and also:

Robert Cargill “The Gender Divide
Biblical Archeology Society May 24, 2019

Founded in 1986, the AJS Women's Caucus supports women in the profession and advances the study of gender within the Association for Jewish Studies and Jewish Studies. The Caucus welcomes people of all gender identities and sexual orientations as members.

The Women's Caucus sponsors sessions on gender, pedagogy, and other professional topics at the yearly AJS conference.

We offer a number of competitive grants such as book subventions, paper prizes, a mentoring program for emerging woman scholars, and travel grants for graduate students.

The Caucus also publishes gender-inclusive and women's studies syllabi in Jewish Studies on its website.

The Women’s Caucus holds an annual conference breakfast, usually on Monday morning of the conference. Here, graduate students, junior and senior scholars meet, network, and share recently published work in gender as well as information on relevant conferences and fellowships.

Established at a time when feminist concerns and scholarship on gender were marginalized within the field of Jewish Studies, the Women's Caucus has brought these issues to greater prominence within the Association for Jewish Studies and the larger scholarly community.

Co-chairs: Laura Limonic and Melissa Weininger

For more information, email the Women's Caucus at