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AJS Core Values, Policies, & Resolutions

Core Values

Academic Integrity and Scholarly Excellence

The AJS values scholarly excellence in the many sub-fields of Jewish Studies based on critical inquiry, academic integrity, intellectual honesty, a commitment to on-going learning, and respectful debate.

Academic and Intellectual Freedom

The AJS values academic and intellectual freedom ensuring freedom of teaching, research and extramural activities, and reaffirms its 1976 endorsement of the AAUP’s Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure. The AJS is committed to the development and strengthening of an institutional and public culture that encourages diverse views, and supports its members’ right to articulate beliefs and positions without fear of retribution.


The AJS values community. The AJS works to create a sense of community among its membership and to build bridges among Jewish Studies scholars and professionals, the Jewish community, and the wider public.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

The AJS values inclusiveness and diversity in the Jewish Studies profession, and the many research disciplines and teaching contexts that contribute to the vibrancy of Jewish Studies scholarship. The AJS is committed to eliminating barriers to full participation based on sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, race, ethnicity, ability, and employment status. Diversity encourages innovation and creativity and strengthens community by harnessing a variety of skills, perspectives, talents, and resources to meet new challenges.

Ethical Conduct

The AJS values ethical conduct in all aspects of Jewish Studies scholarship (including but not limited to research, publishing, peer reviews, teaching, advising, and mentoring) and reaffirms its policy on sexual misconduct, which is one form of unethical conduct.

Exemplary Service to Members

The AJS values opportunities to foster its membership’s research, teaching and professional development through its annual conference, publications and newsletters, workshops, webinars, research and travel grants, prizes, and other programs and initiatives.

Good Faith

The AJS values collaboration and teamwork which in turn require good faith. Good faith is the general presumption that members will deal with each other honestly, fairly, openly, and constructively, with mutual respect and a shared dedication to the common good.


Amended and restated bylaws of the Association for Jewish Studies, Inc., revised December 2021.

Resolution on Committees of the Corporation

Board Meeting Minutes

Summaries of Minutes from Meetings of the AJS Board of Directors (member login required)


The AJS and Social Media (09/2019)

AJS Conference Division Guidelines (2018)

Strategic Plan

Approved by AJS Board of Directors, June 3, 2019
Extended to 2023 by the AJS Board of Directors, March 27, 2022

Having successfully fulfilled many of the promises and expectations of our last strategic plan, which was developed in 2013 by the Association’s leadership, and fresh from celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018, the AJS initiated the formulation of a new strategic plan for the next three years.

Read the AJS's Strategic Plan