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Updated Statement on Israel from the AJS Executive Committee

October 10, 2023

Yesterday the AJS executive committee issued a statement concerning the horrific events in Israel that we hoped would express our deep sorrow and offer comfort to our members. We realize that our statement was inadequate.

The members of the AJS executive committee unequivocally condemn Hamas for killing and kidnapping hundreds in Israel, targeting civilians, and perpetrating horrific atrocities. We remain shocked and devastated by these awful events. We stand with our members who are in Israel as these traumatic events unfold and pray for everyone’s safety and security. We express our sympathies and support to all our members, especially those grieving friends and family.

We understand, too, that conflict in the region has an impact on Jewish Studies faculty and students around the world. Some of you have concerns about heightened tensions on your college campuses and at your institutions. The AJS board will be setting aside time at its board meeting on Monday to discuss how the association can best lend support to its members. If you have suggestions for the AJS, please contact members of the executive committee in advance of our board meeting: