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Conference Imagery

Back Bay Bossa Nova, Copyright © 2014 Paula Ogier; Visit

Boston Bay Bossa Nova © Paula Ogier

PAULA OGIER is a digital and mixedmedia artist based in Boston. Her artworks of places and of nature elements express the joyful and wondrous energies of both the manmade and the natural world. Her journey with digital paint began in the 1990s when the technology for working with it was much more simplistic than it is today. As digital art technology evolved, her practice evolved along with it. Today she “paints” with a pen on a large digital screen in her art studio in the SoWa Art + Design District, creating images that are made into archival quality prints. Her works are displayed in Boston Logan Airport, Boston Children’s Hospital, the Animal Rescue League of Boston, several Boston office developments, and many private collections. See more of her work at or on Instagram as @paula_ogier_artist.