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Step-by-Step Instructions

How to Join or Renew Membership & Update Options

1) Go to MyAJS and sign in.

If you have never joined the AJS before, please create a new MyAJS account by clicking "New to AJS" and then following the prompts, many of which are identical or very similar to the renewal steps. If you have any questions about this, please contact Melinda at 917-606-8249 or

2) The site will redirect you to update your profile and renew for 2024. If your log-in does not work, it will prevent you from signing in, so please select "Forgot Your Password?" to set up a new password.

All passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters and include at least one number, one uppercase and one lowercase letter, and one non-alphanumeric character. If you do not receive the reset link via email or repeated password renewal attempts are not working, please contact Melinda for direct assistance at 917-606-8249 or

3) Click "Securely renew your membership now."

4) Click "OK" to the pop-up that appears and says "Before renewing your membership, please review and make any necessary updates to your profile. Click OK to update or verify your current profile information." This will take you to the page to edit your member information.

5) Update your information as necessary. Please make sure you also select responses for these questions. When finished, click "Save Changes."

6) If all required questions were answered, the site will take you to the renewal page. If not all required questions were answered, the site will take you back to the top of the "Edit" page and will indicate all unanswered required fields at the top of the page. For example, if you did not fill out the "Gender" and "Current Professional Role" questions, you would see the following:

The field 'Current Professional Role' is required, but no value was submitted.

The field 'Gender' is required, but no value was submitted.

If you see this, please complete those questions and click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.

7) On the renewal page, under "Membership Information," select the appropriate tier in the drop-down. A pop-up will open saying "Changing your Membership selection will reset all other selections and entries you have made. Are you sure you want to continue?" and click OK.

8) Once you select a membership dues rate, you will be asked if you would like to pay $30 to receive print copies of the AJS Review for 2024 in addition to the online subscription included with your membership dues.

9) Complete billing information and credit card information and click "Submit Securely."

Please note: When entering your "Name on Card" information for the credit card, please enter your first name into the first text box and your last name into the second text box.

Payment Screen Name on Card Boxes Correction BBPi_337