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Laurie Baron's B’nai Binge

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Week of September 20, 2020

All Times Are EDT

Monday September 21

4 PM
Eric Weitz, “A World Divided: The Global Struggle for Human Rights in the Age of Nation-States,” National History Center and Wilson Center

4 PM
Dana Hollander, “Neighbor-Love as an Object of Protection? Hermann Cohen and Secularized Blasphemy Law” Tanenbaum Center for Jewish Studies of the University of Toronto

Tuesday, September 22 

12 PM
Ariel Evan Mayse, “Speaking Infinites: Language and Reality in Early Hasidism,” Reading Room of the National Library of Israel

12 PM
Jessica Cohen, “Translating Israel,” Frankel Center for Jewish Studies, University of Michigan

12 PM
Eddie Chavez Calderon and Rosetta Walker, “Jewish and Native American Dialogue,” Valley Beit Midrash

12:30 PM
Marc Dollinger, "From the Left and the Right: Jews, Antisemitism, and the College Campus," Tauber Institute for the Study of European Jewry-Brandeis University

1 PM
"Hank Greenberg and Yom Kippur,” American Jewish Historical Society

1 PM
Yermiyahu Ahron Taub and Bella Bryks-Klein, “May God Avenge Their Blood: A Holocaust Memoir Triptych,” YIVO

2:30 PM
Pinkas Zukerman: Here to Make Music" (Film and Interview), Jewish Music Institute, UK Jewish Film, and Israel Philharmonic

4 PM
Natalia Aleksiun and Samuel Kassow, “Conscious History: Polish Jewish Historians before the Holocaust,” Center for Jewish History

6 PM
Alex Mankiewicz, Sydney Ladensohn Stern and Illeana Douglas, “The Brothers Mankiewicz: Hope, Heartbreak, and Hollywood Classics,” 92nd St. Y

7 PM
Elisha Wiesel and Eva Fogelman, “Transforming Moments,” Descendants of Holocaust Survivors and the Museum of Jewish Heritage

7 PM
Heather Dune Macadam, “999: The Unforgettable Story of the First Women in Auschwitz,” Vilna Shul

8 PM
Mika Ahuvia, “Women of the Book: Biblical Women in History, Memory, and Ritual Life,” Departments of Jewish Studies and Classics of San Francisco State University

8 PM
Sara Abosch-Jacobson and Felicia Williamson, “The Trial of Adolf Eichmann,” Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

Wednesday, September 23

1 PM
Tehila Kalagy and Orna Braun-Levinson, “Health Care Among Israel’s Cultural Minorities, Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies

3 PM
Marcia Falk, “The Days Between: Blessings, Poems, and Directions of the Heart for the Jewish High Holiday Season,” Hadassah-Brandeis Institute

5 PM
Jeffrey Melnick and Anthony Mordechai Zvi Russell, “Shifting Affinities: Cultural Investigation of the Black-Jewish Relations Paradigm,” Program for the Study of Antisemitism of Yale University

5 PM
Mark Roseman, Stefan-Ludwig-Hoffman, and Rebecca Wittmann, “Resistance and Rescue in History and Memory. Rethinking Opposition in Nazi Germany” Institute for Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies of the University of Massachusetts

7 PM
Ben Ferencz, “Is the Rule of Law Still Important? Lesson from Nuremberg,” Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies of Keene State University

7 PM
Naftali Aklum, “Being Black, Jewish, and Israeli,” Center for Jewish Studies of Eastern Michigan University,

7 PM
Derek Penslar, “Love, Fear, and Guilt: US Jews and Israel during the 1948 War,” Center for Israel Studies of American University

7 PM
David Bernat, “A House Built with a Stolen Beam: Ill-Gotten Gains, Reparations, First Nations, and Black Lives,” Vilna Shul

8 PM
Yolanda Savage Narva, “Promoting Understanding and Combating Racism Within the Jewish Community,” Program in Jewish Studies of Rice University

Thursday, September 24

1 PM
James Young, “Reflections on Memorial Art: What Happens When Monuments Become Dated?” Illinois Holocaust Museum, Chicago Sculpture International, Department of Art and Design of Chicago State University, Department of History of Art and Architecture of DePaul University, and Department of Art and Art History of Columbia College

1 PM
Shalom Sabar, “Ephemera: The Treasure of Jewish Material Culture,” Community Scholar Program of Orange County

3 PM

Michael Berenbaum and Ted Green, “Eva: A-7063,” Classrooms without Borders

5:30 PM
Beth Holmgren “Warsaw's Most Beloved Jew": The Prewar and Postwar Celebrity of Lopek-Krukowski,” Jewish Studies Program of University of Pittsburgh

7 PM
Laura Limonic, “Kugel and Frijoles: Latino Jews in the United States,” Houston Holocaust Museum

7 PM
Andrei Markovits and Kenneth Garner, “The Boundaries of Pluralism: The World of University of Michigan’s Jewish Students from 1897-1945,” Bentley Historical Library and Frankel Center for Judaic Studies of the University of Michigan

7 PM
Yavilah McCoy, “Jews and Race,” Center for Jewish Studies of Graduate Theological Union

7 PM
Eddie Portnoy, “The Door Slams Shut: The Reaction of the Yiddish Press to Immigration Issues in the Early 1920s,” Yiddish Book Center

8 PM
Irene Bald Romano, “Collecting Antiquities Among the Nazi Elite,” Archeological Institute of Amerca, Tucson Society, University of Arizona

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