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Laurie Baron's B’nai Binge

Streaming Jewish-Themed Movies, TV Series, Podcasts, and Lectures Online

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Installment 1
Installment 2
Installment 3
Installment 4
Installment 5
Installment 6
Installment 7: Jewish Podcasts
Installment 8: Streaming Passover Programming
Installment 9
Installment 10: The Pioneering American Jewish Women Directors
Installment 11
Installment 12: Streaming Jewish Studies Lectures*
Installment 13: More Pesach Fare
Installment 14: Streaming Sephardic Movies
Installment 15: Streaming Second Wave American Jewish Women Directors, Masters of the Mainstream
Installment 16: Mishmash of Jewish Films, Lectures, Podcasts, and Programs
Installment 17: Streaming the Shoah
Installment 18: Streaming the Armenian Genocide
Installment 19: Streaming 1948
Installment 20: Live Jewish Streaming
Installment 22: Streaming Concerts and Plays
Installment 23: Streaming Movies about American Antisemitism
Installment 24: Streaming Latin American Jewish Movies
Installment 26: Streaming Jewish Film Festivals
Installment 28: Streaming American Jewish Comedies Because We Need the Laughs
Installment 29: Streaming Movies about American Racial Violence: It Didn’t Begin with George Floyd