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B’nai Binge on a Summer Hiatus

Laurie Baron

May 5, 2022

Ever since the pandemic began, I have been compiling lists of streaming Jewish Studies book launches, interviews, lectures, performances, and roundtables. The current list is the 123rd I have issued. It provides daily posts for the Association for Jewish Studies website and gets sent to an email list of those who requested to receive it. The numbers of such Zoomed events initially were low, and preparing my B’nai Binge lists didn’t consume much of my time. They grew exponentially during the height of the pandemic with each week’s list being on average 12 single-spaced typed pages long. Checking over 200 websites weekly and then entering each event onto the list usually has taken me 2 days every week for the past year

As the severity of the pandemic has diminished this year, Jewish Studies departments and programs have gradually shifted to more in-person formats. The current list runs about half the length of the typical list for much of the pandemic. The decrease can be partially attributed to the ending of spring quarters and semesters and the onset of summer vacation. Since I need a vacation too, the current list will be the last until September. For it to return then, I will need some B’nai Binge’s readers to volunteer to assist me in compiling the lists so that it is not post such an onerous task for either me or them. My email is: if you’d be willing to assume covering events for a particular region of the United States or abroad.

Until September, you can find listings of extensive streaming and zoomed Jewish programming on the following websites:

My Jewish Learning’s The Hub:

Generations of the Shoah International Newsletter (for Holocaust related programming):

Center for Jewish History:


Orange County Jewish Community Scholar Program:

American Jewish University: Maven-Online Jewish Learning:

Valley Beit Midrash:

Association for Jewish Studies: Events in Jewish Studies

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