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Travel Resources for the Academic Traveler

Whether it's flying to conferences and meetings, or research trips to hard-to-reach archives and libraries, the summer months are always a busy time for travel. To help the academic traveler, we have compiled a list of resources that may be helpful (or entertaining) for those who will be on the road:

Air and Train Travel:

  *   ProfHacker: Global Entry

  *   ProfHacker: On Train Travel

  *   Rick Steves: Train Travel in Europe

  *   Rick Steves: Budget Airlines in Europe

  *   Smarter Travel: 12 Tips for Finding Low Airfares

  *   Smarter Travel: 10 Cheapest Airlines for Flying to Europe


  *   Roger T. Whitson: Tech Essentials

  *   ProfHacker: What’s in Your Bag? Travel Edition

Packing for Academic Travel:

  *   The Contemplative Mammoth: How to Pack for an Academic Conference

  *   Librarian by Day: Conference & Travel Packing & Survival Tips

  *   ProfHacker: What is Your Bag?

  *   ProfHacker: Travel Bags for Conference Travel

Tips for Archives and Libraries

  *   NASSR: Archival Research at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France

  *   NASSR: Using the British Library

  *   CJH: Using the Lillian Goldman Reading Room, Center for Jewish History

  *   CZA: Using The Central Zionist Archives

  *   NLI: The National Library of Israel

  *   Library of Congress: Visiting the Library of Congress

  *   BKR: The National Library of Russia

  *   GNL: Using the German National Library

  *   BAV: Information for Visitors to Vatican Apostolic Library

To learn more about student trips and academic travel, please feel free to contact the following AJS members:

  *   Jody Myers, California State University, Northridge
Areas of Travel/Expertise: Twentieth-century Poland, Romania; food and food practices in Orthodox Jewish Los Angeles.
Learn more about one of Jody's trips here.

  *   Tobias Brinkmann, Penn State University
Areas of Travel/Expertise: Day-trips to nearby cities, to museums dealing with immigration, Jewish history, or Holocaust history; walking tours through immigrant neighborhoods in New York, London, and Berlin; modern Jewish history and the history of migration.