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B'nai Binge Streaming Programming List for September 20 by Laurie Baron and Beth Chernoff

All Times Are Eastern Standard Time

Tuesday, Sept 20

12 pm
Regine Monavar Tessone , "Monavar's Journey," ASF Institute of Jewish Experience,

12 pm
Dorothy Richman, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook’s Lights of Teshuva,” My Jewish Learning,

1 pm
David Wolpe, Kinney Zalesne, and Stefan Litt, “I-Thou Relationships in the Digital Age: What Would Martin Buber Say?” Reading Room, National Library of Israel,*13xk5wt*_ga*NTAwMDE2MTQ3LjE2NjE3MjEyNTg.*_ga_8P5PPG5E6Z*MTY2MjY1NDQ1OS4zLjEuMTY2MjY1NDY3OS42MC4wLjA.&_ga=2.48545062.165494999.1662654459-500016147.1661721258

2 pm
Jerzy Muller and Michael Brenner, “Jacob Taubes: Professor of Apocalypse,” Leo Baeck Institute,

5 pm
Simona Di Nepi, “Painting Nostalgia: Jewish American Portraits,” National Portrait Gallery,

5 pm
Jan Lánícek, Jan Lambertz, and Gerald Steinacher, “More than Parcels: Wartime Aid for Jews in Nazi-Era Camps and Ghettos,” Harris Center for Judaic Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln,

5:15 pm
Shalom Sabar,”Jewish Art in Muslim Realm: The Efflorescence of Ketubbah Illustration in Iran and Afghanistan as Mirror to Jewish-Muslim Socio-Cultural Relationships,” Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, University of Pennsylvania,

7 pm
Laura Leibman, “A Multiracial Jewish Family in Early America,” Siegel Lifelong Learning, Case Western Reserve University,

7:30 pm
Edward Feld, “The Book of Revolutions: The Battles of Priests, Prophets and Kings, Jewish Theological Seminary,

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